Foldable document scanners for an optimal result - even on the go!

With these flexible cardboard scanner boxes, you can set up a stand and take the best scan in no time, even when you’re on the move.

Together with CIB doXisafe the dream solution: Scan, edit PDF, upload securely to the cloud and share!




Simply practical - whether on the road or on site!

Box in der Tragetasche
Small and compact
Mit jedem Smartphone
Smartphone compatible
scharfe ergebnisse
Accurate scanning result
mit doXisafe das perfekte
Scan & share with the App

CIB doXibox & doXicrate in use

Big plans?

With the bottomless CIB doXicrate, stitching becomes child's play.

Scan and search scan image

Save scan results in CIB doXisafe App in a searchable and editable way!

Scan ID or credit card?

With CIB doXicrate, small things are scanned sharply.

Mobile learning in the cloud?

Scan, archive and share hand notes and book passages!

Photographing the invoice and editing it in a variety of ways

Scan and upload to CIB doXisafe, share or run.

Scan multi-page documents?

Here CIB doXibox offers a stable environment!

Height adjustable:
one document scanner - three stands

Crate 1

30 cm - for big plans

Crate 2

20 cm - for standard documents

Crate 3

8 cm - for miniatures

Choose the scanner box that suits you best

CIB doXibox

19 €

plus shipping costs

CIB doXicrate

9 €

plus shipping costs

CIB doXibox
CIB doXibox

19,00 € incl. VAT.

CIB doXicrate
CIB doXicrate

9,00 € incl. VAT.

Up to DIN A4
All sizes

Solid floor
Batch processing
Height adjustable (Three heights)
30.2cm x 22.5cm x 0.5cm (folded)
30,2cm x 22,5cm x 30cm (built)
23cm x 22.5cm x 1.25cm (folded)
30,2cm x 22,5cm x 8-30cm (aufgebaut)


Conditionally possible


We offer free solutions for persons with a severe disability

On presentation of your severely disabled ID you can order our CIB pdf brewer Business licence and Scannerboxes, CIB doXibox and CIB doXicrate free of charge, shipping included.

Add CIB doXisafe to scanner boxes!

Scan the document, upload it to the cloud and always have it at hand.

Download CIB doXisafe on your mobile