BMW digitalizes its quotation and contract preparation worldwide with CIB solutions

From the first consultation to the test drive to the final conclusion of the contract, the sale of a BMW vehicle used to involve a wide range of paper documents. In addition, the process required many classic, handwritten signatures in order to be legally concluded. BMW now wants to reduce this effort and make the process more convenient for its customers. The group is now planning to use CIB solutions for the global digitalization of quotation and contract preparation.

Focus on end-to-end digitalization

BMW has been one of our customers for many years. In the past, the car manufacturer used our software to generate quotation documents in a quotation solution. This was used in several countries, as the mapping of multilingualism was easily possible thanks to the intelligent document templates. The solution convinced BMW in terms of functionality and quality. Now the group decided to digitalize further core processes with the help of CIB solutions: the complete quotation and contract process.

The goal is ambitious: The entire process is to be digitally mapped right up to the signature. A combination of several CIB solutions will be used for this purpose. As a result, the customer will in future be able to sign his offer and contract conveniently digitally with CIB doXisign and collect them via a secure document exchange platform in order to then access the documents regardless of location. Other relevant documents, such as a copy of a driving licence, can also be uploaded via the document exchange platform. This makes the process completely paperless, time-saving and yet legally compliant. A clear advantage for BMW, its customers and also for the climate!

Use of further CIB solutions

In order to use digital processes more flexibly in the future, BMW also uses CIB flow – our process management platform for simplifying and automating business processes on a low-code basis.

Let´s CIB!

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