Cost and effort savings with the environmentally friendly solution for mailing

Success story: With CIB fairBrief companies can handle their mail dispatch completely online. Printing and enveloping letters are now a thing of the past. A look at the figures shows how positively the product has developed since its launch about a year ago.

Over half a million letters already sent

Sending letters costs a lot of time, ties up valuable human resources and is an unpopular activity among employees. So there is a lot to be said for outsourcing this task. With CIB fairBrief this is particularly easy. The TÜV-Süd-Sec-IT-tested solution is suitable for individual letters, serial letters and also for hybrid mail. Thanks to the CIB fairBrief interface, letter documents can still be created in the familiar application. One click is all it takes to transmit the letter to the print service provider securely and in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) and thus trigger the dispatch. Billing is transparent and based on the correspondence sent.

The figures prove that the concept is very popular with our customers. Since the launch of CIB fairBrief, more than 500,000 items have already been processed via the software. On average, a mailing consists of 2.6 pages. Our customers have been able to save about 2,000 man-days with the help of the solution. By the way, the tool is now also used by the health authorities to process the dispatch of quarantine notices and to relieve the staff.

Easily calculate individual savings online

Would you like to know how big your financial advantage is by using CIB fairBrief? Then simply use our price calculator on the product page. You will see: Even with a small number of letter items, using the solution is worthwhile.

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