From trainee to employee: my Bachelor thesis and practical experience at CIB

From trainee to employee: my Bachelor thesis and practical experience at CIB

During his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the TU Munich, Philipp Sanwald discovered his passion for computer science. The decision to gain practical experience in the IT industry was a logical next step. Since October 2022, Philipp is successfully working full time at CIB and supports DevOps projects in the cloud environment. We asked our new colleague to share his experience during his internship at CIB:

For a long time during my bachelor’s program in Mathematics at TU München, I was unsure which of the offered sub-fields I should specialize in. Math, scientific computing and optimization turned out to be the fields I enjoyed most, as programming and implementing the algorithms discussed in class were fascinating to me.

This is also why I switched minors to computer science later on. Soon, practical programming basics, software engineering, and functional programming became my favorite courses, making it clear to me that an internship or job as a working student in software development or a related field would be the right choice. While writing my thesis, I heard about a company that runs several exciting projects including AI and web development, so applying at CIB seemed like a great opportunity!

I really enjoyed my time at CIB, and indeed, my initial expectations of gaining a better view of working in IT and coming into closer contact with relevant tools, frameworks, and technologies were completely met. Certainly, my positive impressions are also based on the combination of the workplace and the colleagues I got to know.

CIB provides an excellent opportunity to explore many subjects. The company’s good understanding about the direction of new projects and movements in the tech industry lead to the incorporation of many innovative ideas, such as web assembly. Regarding my own tasks, I appreciated that they were not just projects devised to occupy me but that they had actual application context and provided value to CIB. I feel that this gave me a better understanding of the company’s internal structure and its product landscape. As a result, I could exchange ideas often and, if necessary, ask my supervisor and the members of the support and web-development teams for help. They were happy to assist whenever I faced difficulties that I was unable to resolve on my own and fostered a strong team-centered spirit.


Overall, my time as a working student encouraged me to further pursue a career in software development and to continue focusing more on an IT-oriented education. 

I can clearly recommend CIB to other students, if you already have some experience in computer science and want to extend your knowledge by gaining practical experience.

As for today, I am very happy to be part of CIB as a full-time employee! 

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