Process automation


Achieved goals

Describe your case study and benefit from efficient work processes through digitalization and automation.

Efficient management of regulatory requirements through process digitization and automation for PSD Bank in Nuremberg

PSD Bank Nürnberg was confronted with high regulatory and business requirements for outsourcing management, which led to considerable lead times due to years of bureaucratic pitfalls. The complexity of these demanding tasks represented a considerable burden and hindered the efficiency of the processes.

CIB solution: Process optimization with BPMN 2.0

To reduce complexity and shorten lead times, we implemented a solution based on BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). This enabled us to systematically reduce the complexity of demanding tasks. Process optimization was achieved through the introduction of parallel processes and automation techniques. 

The involvement of all relevant bodies in the workflow, including authorities such as BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) and the audit department, was also crucial to the success of the project. This not only ensured compliance with regulatory requirements but also transparent and smooth cooperation with the external auditors .

Achieved goals

The implementation of BPMN process optimization led to significant improvements in various areas:

  • Reduction in throughput time

    By identifying and eliminating bureaucratic bottlenecks, the overall throughput time was significantly reduced.

  • Process optimization

    The introduction of parallel processes and automation techniques enabled more efficient processing of tasks that were previously time-consuming and complex.

  • Legal certainty

    The inclusion of BaFin and Internal Audit in the workflow ensured continuous compliance with regulatory requirements, which minimized the risk of sanctions and penalties.

  • Transparency and cooperation

    The integration of all relevant departments improved the transparency of the processes and enabled effective cooperation with external inspection bodies.


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