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Automated account closure for PSD Bank

 In 2023, PSD BANK was faced with the challenge of closing hundreds of accounts on a specific date. The prerequisite for the closure was that standing orders were no longer linked to these accounts.

Estimated resource spending

The manual handling of this process would have required a considerable amount of resources, including the accumulation of overtime and the use of trainees for this repetitive task. For manual processing, an effort of three MAKs (employee capacities) was estimated to close the accounts on time.

Full automation with CIB solution kit

In order to manage this time-critical process, PSD Bank Nuremberg decided to use CIB flow with the newly developed agree21API connector (agree21 standing orders). This combination made it possible to fully automate the account closure process. The decisive advantage was that standing orders could be cancelled automatically on the same day and in a very short time (15 minutes of automated processing versus 24 hours of work).

In the event of errors, it would have been possible to react immediately thanks to the version history.

Legendary success rate

Full loggin ensured a perfect traceability. In addition, PSD Bank was able to measure the success rate at 100%.
Zudem konnte die PSD Bank so die Erfolgsquote auf 100% bemessen.


The implementation of the automated solution led to considerable efficiency gains: The same-day resolution of standing orders significantly reduced processing time compared to manual processing. The process, which previously required several employee resources, was now completed in a fraction of the time.


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