Digital transformation in tax administration: CIB flow revolutionises tax offices in Baden-Württemberg

With CIB flow the future of tax administration in Baden-Württemberg has been redefined. Since the summer of 2017, the "Tax Agency of the Future" project has driven an unprecedented transformation in Baden-Württemberg. With the introduction of advanced digital workflows, we have revolutionized work processes in the state's tax offices and, at the same time, set standards in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Our successful collaboration with the local tax offices impressively demonstrates how digitalization can modernize public administration and save considerable resources at the same time.

The tax office of the future" project

Within the framework of "digital@bw", the era of digitalization was inaugurated in 2017 with CIB flow in five selected pilot tax offices. The aim of the "WoZu-Papier" project is to transfer paper-based processes to the digital world. The result: an impressive switch to electronic file management, which was rolled out to all 65 tax offices in the country after a successful pilot phase.

Advantages and benefits

The introduction of CIB flow marks a turning point:

  • Drastic reduction of processing times
  • Minimization of error rates
  • Increased employee and citizen satisfaction
  • Significant contribution to the protection of the environment by reducing paper consumption and CO2 emissions.

The introduction of CIB flow in the Baden-Württemberg tax offices brings numerous advantages. The automation of standard processes not only drastically reduces the processing time, but also minimizes the error rate. This results in increased satisfaction of both employees and citizens. In addition, digitization enables a more transparent and comprehensible handling of tax matters, which strengthens trust in the tax administration. CIB flow makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection by significantly reducing paper consumption and CO2 emissions.

In numbers

  • 65 tax offices process correspondence digitally.
  • More than 5 million transactions were processed digitally in the first year.
  • 70 tons of paper saved in the first year, the equivalent of 64 europallets of paper.
  • Shorter processing time for notifications thanks to digital processing

Further advantages

  • Possibility for employees to work from home
  • Clearly defined processes for smooth operation
  • Cost optimization thanks to centralized control of the printing line.

Starting Point

Previously, documents were printed decentrally by the multifunction printers in the 65 tax offices and sent in envelopes, stamped and sent through the internal post offices. Any necessary intervention by the supervisor(s) or other departments (e.g., treasury) was done on paper through internal mail. After mailing, the copy of the file was manually filed in each individual's paper file.


The main objective of the FiZ project was to modernize and digitize the work processes at the 15,000 workplaces of the FÄ. With CIB flow, we enable paperless processing without media discontinuity, optimize work processes and effectively support our employees.

With the introduction of CIB flow, notifications and documents are no longer printed and sent on site at the tax offices, but centrally at the print and forwarding center (DVZ) of the State Data Processing Center (LZfD) in Karlsruhe. It is no longer necessary to print out copies of the records, as the documents are now stored digitally in the electronic file. There they can be consulted at any time. The drawing and participation processes have been completely mapped using the digital workflow system. This enables paperless processing without media discontinuity and optimally supports the employees in these processes.

Implementation and development

The State Data Processing Center (LZfD) is setting new standards in financial administration with the CIB flow. As of April 2021, subscription and participation processes will be digitized there, accompanied by centralized document dispatch. The most important functions are:

  • Automated contact form

    Direct assignment of incoming inquiries through the tax offices' web pages, thus increasing efficiency and reducing paperwork.

  • Digital public notification

    Replacement of the conventional notice board by an electronic solution with automatic archiving after expiration of the notification period.

  • Internal workflow

    Smooth and paperless processing of internal procedures, streamlining processes and making them more environmentally friendly.

CIB flow is a milestone in digital administration that significantly improves both efficiency and environmental friendliness in tax offices.

The Karlsruhe Regional Tax Office relied on the expertise of our process consultants to implement the new processes quickly and efficiently. With their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, they guarantee a seamless and successful integration of the processes.

Summary and review

The nationwide introduction of our workflow system marks a turning point in the digital transformation of financial administration. With more than 5 million transactions processed digitally, we are setting new standards:

  • Paperless efficiency: by introducing electronic records and avoiding paper printouts, we are optimizing the use of resources and postage costs.
  • Flexible working model: the digital process design allows for location-independent working and promotes work-life balance.
  • Environmentally conscious: Digitization of traditional processes has already saved several truckloads of paper and accelerated processing and response times.

Our commitment to digital innovation reflects our efforts to create a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and flexible administration.

Citizens within the framework of the OZG

As of January 1, 2023, we are ready to offer all administrative services electronically within the framework of the german Online Access Act (OZG), an initiative to promote digital administration. By continuously optimizing and expanding our digital processes, especially in the tax offices, we ensure smooth and efficient service:

  • Digital delivery: Citizens benefit from faster and environmentally friendly electronic document delivery.
  • OZG compliance: Our OZG compliance emphasizes our goal of a modern, barrier-free and digital administration.

With our commitment to digital administration, we facilitate the daily lives of citizens and actively contribute to the digitization of society.

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