Young talent sponsoring: a look back at the commitment of CIB Group 

The promotion of young talent is one of CIB Group's main commitments. With the sponsorship program CIB Impulsa the company is sending out a strong signal for the promotion of young talent and supports schools in Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Here we will take a look at various CIB Group initiatives in the area of youth development over the last 5 years.

CIB & Jugend forscht: record participation in 2024

A particular focus of the commitment of CIB Group is its partnership with the renowned “Jugend forscht” competition.

CIB's sponsorship of the Jugend forscht Iberia competition in 2017 was an important milestone, and the collaboration with the schools has been growing ever since. This year's regional Iberia competition took place in February 2024 at the German School in Lisbon under the motto “Make your head” with CIB as the exclusive competition sponsor. This year 55 innovative student projects participated, a new record! CIB also actively participated as a sponsor of the regional competitions 2023 in Lisbon, 2022-2021 in Seville and 2020-2017 in Madrid, not only as a sponsor but also as an active member of the jury.

Video: Jugend forscht Iberia 2024 with CIB Sponsorship

In September 2023, CIB was the main sponsor and organizer of the Jugend forscht Annual Conference in Ingolstadt. The event aimed to provide advice and support in the preparation, coordination, and presentation of student projects. In addition, the network day provided a valuable opportunity to get to know each other and strengthen the network.

Diverse support for schools

CIB Group's support goes far beyond mere sponsorship. As part of CIB Impulsa, schools have the opportunity to develop and realize their projects. These projects not only offer young talents valuable experience but also foster their creativity and scientific thinking.

Internships, training, dual studies

Another important component of the promotion of young talent at CIB is the provision of internships, dual study programs, and apprenticeships at the company's various locations. CIB wants to give young people a successful start in the digital world of work, promote their IT skills and awaken their spirit of research. These hands-on opportunities are crucial for training and promoting the next generation of experts.

Would you like to take part?

CIB invites other schools and partners to participate in CIB Impulsa. Together we can support the researchers and innovators of tomorrow and offer them the best starting conditions!

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