A sucessfull 2nd CIB User Group for banks  

Yesterday the 2nd CIB User Group ended in Münster with 38 participating banks, including private banks as well as German Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken. We are particularly pleased that several banks from the 1st CIB User Group 2023 have participated again this year and that many new banks have joined us. Our community now numbers around 60 German banks and continues to grow.

We were pleased to have several partners such as ATRUVIA AG, Trinext GmbH and Bank-Verlag, who took the opportunity to come to Münster. A sign that our User Group is interested and has succeeded in its purpose.

CIB founder Ulrich Brandner and our CEO Frank Seboldt opened the event and presented an exciting mix of topics, with innovative themes, specific use cases and a good dose of tips and tricks for users' daily work.

AI for banks - Chat with your data!

The first day revolved around Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Tobias Abthoff gave an insight into the automation of banking applications using CIB AI Modules. In particular, the presentation of AI products in inbound management, i.e. the automated processing of incoming messages and documents and the automatic preparation of large and complex “Chat-with-your-data” document pools were the subject of lively discussions.

An online forum for the User Group

We presented the new community tool, to which all interested participants and community members are invited to register and join in. This provides the group with an online forum for exchanging information between the annual User Group meetings. The platform will also serve as an exchange platform for individual forms, bank templates and tips & tricks. Great!

Here, too, AI methods were used: in addition to a wide range of data analyses provided by the community, CIB demonstrated two AI modules for knowledge transfer between the participating banks in the field of customer communication automation. This allows employees of one bank to benefit from solutions already created by another bank. In the future, CIB plans to integrate the tools into the community platform.

Efficiency with automation and use case

The second day revolved around CIB flow , our tool for easy workflow automation with BPMN 2.0 and the CIB easyForm form builder kit.

With CIB flow, anyone can create their own workflows and implement automated processes, even without programming skills.

Frank Seboldt, Managing Director, presented the possibilities of automating banking applications with CIB flow, as well as the easy integration with other systems. CIB flow connects previously separate areas and enables faster and more efficient working methods and better communication with customers.

Next, two banks among the participants demonstrated the successful use case of their in-house CIB flow implementation. The participants were particularly impressed by the very short implementation time in the case of Max Flessa Bank.

Success Story 1 - CIB flow and PSD Bank Nürnberg

Frank Tiefel, Head of Digital Transformation at PSD Bank Nürnberg, explained how the CIB flow is used at the bank to optimize processes and how it is used to implement automation in the process flow on a low-code basis. He also highlighted the bank's exciting transition to a process-driven organization.

Success Story 1 - CIB flow with Bankhaus Max Flessa

Stephanie Nadler from Bankhaus Max Flessa gave a convincing overview of the introduction of automated processes at her bank. Stephanie was able to demonstrate live to the community the use of stored processes and even some small changes to them.

With CIB flow , both banks benefit from the time savings and process reliability brought by the automation tool.

You can read the case studies here.

As already mentioned, our event was enriched by the active participation of our partners, Atruvia EG, Trinext GmbH and Bank-Verlag:

Nextfolder® and bank-specific processes.

Our partners Sven Möller and Jérôme Mangelsdorf (TriNext) presented Nextfolder®, a solution for the ongoing and paperless processing of incoming documents for banks and the link between processing and long-term legal archiving. A powerful solution in combination with our automation tool CIB flow.

Advantages of centralized letter distribution with Atruvia

Karin Schlieker (Atruvia AG), Head of Customer Correspondence, explained in detail the advantages of centralized letter layout. Not only does it promote a uniform corporate identity and save time and costs, but it also ensures automatic compatibility with many other Atruvia personalization services and instructions thanks to its well thought-out structure. This avoids hard-to-detect errors and increases quality.

Of course, Karin was able to give many valuable tips in the subsequent discussion and quickly refer to the relevant sources of information and also demonstrate them live!

Tips, tricks and best practices

Sascha's “tips & tricks” session at the first user group meeting was a great success. Of course, Sascha had once again brought a great package of great and small tricks and best practices for text programming. Participants were able to deepen their knowledge in the use of CIB workbench and CIB coSys, our specialized text organization tool with template management, and also discuss specific problems.

CIB hospitality in beautiful spring weather

As is traditional at all CIB events, hospitality was not neglected this time either. Hotel reservations, lunches and dinner at the picturesque restaurant “A2 am See” created a relaxed atmosphere and rounded off our event.

A big thank you to all participants of the 2nd CIB User Group

We would like to thank all the participants of this 2nd CIB User Group for the many interesting contributions and for being part of our community.

A User Group with real added value

The CIB User Group is a committed community of banking organizers and digitalization experts who look together towards the future of banking management. CIB offers to support them as a software vendor of their standard applications for document management. We are already looking forward to the next meeting in 2025 and say:

Let’s CIB!

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