The Solution

Key data

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Template management in all departments of the City of Munich with CIB coSys

Munich is the capital of the Free State of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany. It is a local authority and is divided into various districts. In addition to the district committees, there are 15 different departments that serve as points of contact for businesses and citizens. These departments are responsible for employment and the economy, urban planning and building regulations, education and sport, health and the environment, social affairs, culture and tourism.

The challenge

Digitalization opens up new opportunities for Munich, but it also poses challenges, such as being an efficient administration, having a successful communication strategy and the digitalization of jobs. To meet these challenges, the city sought an IT partner in 2019 to support it in its digital transformation and document template management. The central objectives were centralization of templates, process-oriented work and barrier-free digitization.

CIB solution kit

After the tendering process was completed, our efficient digitization strategy with CIB coSys was awarded the contract by the City of Munich. The combination with the high-performance software component CIB documentserver enables consistently centralized and efficient template and document processing. Our powerful functions for high compression, long-term archiving and generation of universally accessible PDF/UA documents contributed to a well-rounded overall solution.

Achieved goals and milestones

Since November 2020, CIB coSys with its additional modules has been successfully implemented in the application landscape as a central template management and output management system. All documents are now created digitally in an efficient, barrier-free and future-proof manner. The following goals and milestones have since been achieved

  • Performance and ease of use

    Centralized management of layout and template elements and provision of document templates - secure and version-controlled.

  • Template reduction

    In just two months, the migration reduced the number of templates in the first three units from 200,000 to 25,000.

  • Paperless process-oriented work

    An end to routing slips and signature folders by using the CIB coSys process workflow.

  • Certified accessible software

    In 2020, the Pfennigparade Foundation successfully certified the barrier-free use of our software at LHM in accordance with the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0).


Accesible use certificate

Effective output management

Omnichannel communication

Browser use without installation

Legal security in document management

Separation of design and text

Searches, reports and protocols

Temporary archiving of drafts

Integration into existing IT infrastructures

Migration counselling and support

Audit-proof template management

Creation of accessible documents without specialized knowledge

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