Your professional all-round solution for easy made PDF


Highest standard of password encryption (PDF 2.0)

PDF creating and re-working

Easily from all applications under Windows operating systems

High-End PDF compression

Reduce the file size of your PDF documents with CIB fluXcomprimator

PDF edition with many extras

Add form fields, text stamps, watermarks, letter heads and more to your PDF documents

Modern user interface

Attractive and intuitive to use. No unnecessary long training periods


ISO standard PDF/A for long-term readability – guaranteed!

Automatic processing

Just start additional applications such as CIB doXisafe or CIB fairBrief after PDF creation

Add attachments

Support of the document standard for persons with visual impairment

Word to PDF/UA icon

MS Word to PDF/UA

One-click creation of accessible WCAG-compliant PDF/UA from MS Word

BUSINESS E-invoicing

Create ZUGFeRD 1.0, 2.1 (Basic / Comfort), XRechnung, FatturaPA and Factur-X

BUSINESS Integration

Flexible interface for simple integration in your system

BUSINESS Adjust as needed

Many possibilities of customization like defining profiles for use cases or label menu text individually

Free updates

Stay up to date with free and regular updates

No ads

Without any publicity or adware

Support from the experts

Our Support is always ready to help!

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CIB pdf brewer Business - Features for the professional use


Highly adaptable and individual




Highly integrative

We offer special conditions to NPOs for a limited number of licenses

We love NPOs

Are you an NPO?

NPOs include public institutions (e.g. government offices, private schools (only administration and student workplaces), public schools, public museums and public theatres, state clinics) as well as very different private associations that have no political or religious affiliation and are of a non-commercial nature and cannot afford the software from CIB software GmbH (e.g. foundations, citizens’ initiatives, non-profit organizations, self-help groups or associations that are only voluntary).

Send us your request

Please use the mail form and send us documented proof of your non-profit 501 (c) 3 status (or regional equivalent). 

Versions and prices

Free Version*


Developer Edition*

Edit a PDF on smartphone or browser?

CIB offers the following alternatives to CIB pdf brewer:

App on your smartphone with free cloud?

Online with the CIB privacy guarantee?

Viewer on browser with more features?

CIB pdf brewer Support

Support contract users

If you have specifically signed a separate support contract within the scope of the main license agreement, the support service is included.

Users with strong disabilities

We offer our CIB pdf brewer license and support free of charge for users with severe disabilities. 

Other users fees

Licenses without a support contract and free version users will be charged a 40 EUR fee (plus VAT) for every 15 minutes of support service. The support unit charge is every 15 minutes. *

*Please note:

Licenses without a support contract and free version users will be charged for support services. We charge the same rate for all requests regardless of the form of contact. For convenience, a contract is formed by implied action.

Telephone answers and appointments for remote maintenance are available during our support hours. Written answers to questions in the ticket system or e-mails can also be obtained outside of support hours.

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CIB pdf brewer Business

Volume discounts from 25 licences

Number of licences Price per licence
and year net / gross
26,40 / 31,42 €
24,00 / 28,56 €
22,80 / 27,13 €
21,60 / 25,70 €
20,40 / 24,28 €
19,20 / 22,85 €
18,00 / 21,42 €
15,60 / 18,56 €

CIB pdf brewer Developer Edition

Number of licences Price per licence
and year net / gross
1 - 99
900 / 1.071 €
100 - 199
1.800 / 2.142 €
200 - 299
2.700 / 3.213 €
300 - 399
3.600 / 4.284 €
400 - 499
4.500 / 5.355 €
500 - 999
5.400 / 6.426 €